Search Engine Optimisation

Optimise your website for search engines and create a powerful tool to generates sales.

search engine optimisation
Having potential customers find your website amongst the millions of websites on the world wide web is the aim of all website owners. Getting your businesses website to appear before your competitors website, is the desire of all owners of online businesses. So how can you achieve these aims?
Well there is no quick, easy, or guaranteed way of getting and keeping your businesses website to appear on the first page of a search engines result page. However, there is a lot we can do to ensure your website works for your business by bringing you customers and sales.

Search engines are constantly evolving, with increasingly more complex and sophisticated ways of listing your website. Optimising your businesses website for search engines, is fundamental in bringing online customers to your business and getting you online sales.

Here are some important ways to improve your websites lifting position and keep traffic coming to your website.
Ensure your website is created correctly and is W3C compliant.
Search engines love websites that contain clean, well structured HTML code. When the pages of your website have been written with the correct HTML code, it becomes easy reading for the search engines ´spiders´ and ´bots´ that visit your website, listing your websites pages and gathering your websites content. Ensuring all of your websites pages comply with the W3C, (World Wide Web Consortium) standard, will not only make your websites pages search engine friendly, but make certain your pages look the same across all major web browsers and computer platforms. You can quickly check if your website has any HTML errors here.
Ensure your website is ´Keyword´ rich.
Keywords are words and phrases that web surfers type into search engines, to find websites with information on particular topics, or selling certain products. Knowing what keywords people are using to search for your business, is an essential part of you businesses online success. Writing the content of your website around these keywords and ensuring your website pages are keyword rich, will help your business appear near the top of the search engine results pages, directing more potential customers to your website. You can check which keywords are most common used on your website here.
Ensure your website is full of relevant content.
Search engines love content. Fill your websites pages with unique content that is well written and relevant. Change and build on your website content regularly, as this will keep visitors more interested in your business, services and products and they will be more likely to re-visit.
Get quality links to your website.
Links to your website from other websites, indicate to the search engines how popular and relevent your website is. One of the best ways to achieve higher listings for your website, is to have important industry websites link back to your website. The more important their website is, the more important your website will appear to the search engines. Avoid placing links on your website to other websites that don´t have anything to do with your industry, service or product, as these types of links will harm your listing.
Have descriptive and accurate ´Title´ & ´Description´ Meta tags.
A Meta Tag is an element appearing on each of the pages on your website, that provides information to search engines to help them correctly categorise your websites pages. Search engines can then use this information to describe your website listing on a their search results page. The two most important Meta Tags these days are The ´Title´ and the ´Description´ Meta Tags. The ´Keyword´ Meta Tag has little importance now due to misuse, and should only contain a your important keywords. The Title tag also appears on the top of your web browsers window, eg. PDA Website Design - Search Engine Optimisation. Having accurate and descriptive Title and Description Meta Tags on all your websites pages, is an essential part in having your website optimised for Search engines.
Use a robots.txt file
A robots.txt file is a text file that only visiting Web Robots read. A Web Robot is a program used by search engines to automatically retrieve the pages on your website. The robots.txt file contains a list of your websites pages that you don´t want the Search engine ´bots´ to index and list. Using this file properly will ensure irrelevant pages on your site will not be listed by search engines.
Use a Sitemap
A Sitemap is a file that shows visiting search engine Web robots, the pages on your website that you want indexed or listed, along with additional information about each page, such as when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is relative to other pages in your site. Including a Sitemap on your webiste, enables search engines to more intelligently index and list the pages on your website.
Write and submit articles to industry forums and blogs.
Contributing informative articles to your industry portals, forums and blogs, will confirm the relevance and significance of your website. The more prominent the forum, blog or portal, the greater the importance will be placed on your website in the search engine listings. Create original content and avoid duplicating content that may appear on other websites. Receiving responses and comments from people about your articles, also establishes your websites relevance which relates to a higher position in the search engine listings.
We optimise all of the websites we create and are happy to offer advice and help in marketing your website. We can also manage your web marketing for you, helping to turn your website into a powerful tool to generate sales.