Ecommerce website design

Custom designed ecommerce webites for small business.

Starting and running a successful online store can appear a daunting task. Let us remove the confusion and assist you every step of the way to ensure getting your business on-line, runs as smooth as possible.
We can provide you with a complete and total online store that allows you to easily add or remove products, add photos and descriptions of your products, set prices, discounts and specials, fulfill orders, manage inventory and accept secure on-line payments. If you sell virtual or digital products, we can create a secure online environment for your business.

You won´t need any specailised computer programing knowledge to run your on-line store, just login using your web browser and manage your e-commerce website from an administrative interface to manage the day to day running of your on-line store.
Affordable customised online shops
On-line Shop Features
Unlimited Products, Categories and Sub Categories.
As many as 7 seperate images for each product - all with enlarged view.
Specify unlimited product options, such as as a products colour and size.
Set individual product prices, stock quantities and delivery charges.
Sell out of stock products, or on backorder.
Promote products that are on special.
Show your top selling products.
Show what products other customers have bought.
Promote products in big slide show on the front page.
Create and edit your own information pages (unlimited number), such as a FAQ page, Conditions page, Returns page, and an About Us page.
PLUS Lots more...see below
On-line Shop Standard Features.
Our e-commerce on-line shop websites offer you many features. Here are just a few of the standard features available.
Multi-language support.
If you sell internationally, you may need to show your website in another language, or many languages. With our e-commerce websites, you can give your shoppers the option of viewing your website in their own language.
Show your price in any currency.
If you sell internationally, you may need to show your products price in another currency. With our e-commerce website, you can choose to display your price in any currency and have the currency rates updated for you automatically.
GST enabled
Our e-commerce websites allow you to include GST only for Australian customers, whilst leaving overseas customers GST free.
Receive payments online
To make it easy for shoppers to buy from you, we can integrate your e-commerce website with various payment options. Payment options include PayPal, Paymate, EFT, COD and Money Order.
Include various Shipping methods
With our e-commerce websites, we give you the option to offer your customers various shipping methods. These can include Australia Post, Customer Pickup, COD, Free Delivery, FedEx and UPS, to name just a few.
Sell Digital or Virtual products online.
If you have digital or virtual products, such as music, e-books or computer software, our e-commerce websites allow you to sell your products easily on-line. You can define the quantity of downloads allowed and how long they will be available for download.
Sell products with options, even digital products.
Your on-line store can sell products that offer various options, such as colour, size, material, or for digital products, operating system, platforms or languages.
Receive Order confirmations.
When a shopper creates an account, or buys a product from your website, you receive a notification by email showing what product was purchased, the payment method and the customers details.
Customers are Invoiced automatically.
When a customer buys a product from your website, they will be receive your Invoice by email, automatically.
Search function
We include a search function on your e-commerce website, so potential customers can search for products by name or manufacturer. The search result will show a small picture of your products along with the products name and price. The shopper will then have the option to view more details about your product, or choose to immediately buy your product.
Shoppers can also select to view your products by product type, model or by manufacturer by using a simple drop-down menu.
Show your current specials.
You can easily choose to have any of your products displayed as "On Special". You can set the discounted amount and the period of time the product is on sale.
Show your latest products.
Your latest products can be shown to shoppers automatically. A small picture will be displayed, along with the products name and price. You can also choose how many new products you want displayed.
Display your best sellers.
Your best selling products can be shown to your shoppers. You can choose to display any number of these best sellers, such as the top 5 or 10.
Display your customers testimonials.
Displaying good things that customers have said about you is a great way give new shoppers the confidence to buy from you. With our e-commerce websites, you can randomly display any number of testimonials, which can be mouse clicked on to reveal more of your customers testimonials. Customers can also easily leave testimonials for you, which you can then edit and add to your website yourself.
Includes Tell a friend.
When a shopper is viewing one of your products, they have the opportunity to email a friend about your product.
Customers who bought this product, also bought these products.
When a shopper is viewing one of your products, they are shown other products bought by your customers who bought the product currently being viewed.
Inbuilt Newsletter.
You can easily send out newsletters from your website, to help keep your customers up to date with your products and business.
We are constantly adding features and functionality to our e-commerce website. If you have special requirements, we are always happy to find ways of implementing them into your your on-line store.